Gifts you really want, funded by the people who love you most

From honeymoons to mortgage deposits, Birdie List is a one-of-a-kind cash gift list, tailored to you!

How Does It Work?

1. Create

Step 1

Create a list of your ideal gifts, including photos, descriptions and your personal touches.

2. Share

Step 2

Invite your family and friends to view your list and contribute towards your gift items.

3. Collect

Step 3

We’ll transfer your money to your bank account after our 3% fee, ready to spend and enjoy.

Why use Birdie List?

Feel-good giving

Cash can feel a little impersonal so giving your guests a selection of items or experiences lets them choose a gift that means more to both of you than just a cheque.

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Tailored to your day

Your Birdie List is yours to play with. Add your gift wishes, upload photos and personal descriptions, and make your page all about you and your special occasion.

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One size fits all

Want gifts from a variety of sources? Organising your own honeymoon? After big-ticket items? Collecting for a charity? Birdie List can handle it all in one place.

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